From time to time, we post software, documents, or links to outside sites from which you can download useful resources. Our downloads are categorized by practice area.

Here is a reading list of scholarly papers on using and designing educational technology (via Mendeley)

Here is a reading list of scholarly papers on teacher professional development, particularly in using technology in teaching, aka TPCK (via Mendeley)

For Teaching & Pedagogy

Mobile Devices & Apps

  • Arrow_right Classpager (using text messaging to communicate with students)

Feedback & Formative Assessment

  • Arrow_right Polleverywhere (run anonymous polls via text message and web browsers)

Creating & Publishing

Communicating with Students

  • Arrow_right Classpager (using text messaging to communicate with students)

Collaborative Work

  • Arrow_right Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)
  • Arrow_right Dropbox (cloud data storage/collaboration)
  • Arrow_right Box (cloud data storage/collaboration)

For Research

Data Analysis Tools

  • Arrow_right Google Analytics  (statistics and analysis of website traffic)
  • Arrow_right Chronoviz (qualtiative/multimedia data analysis software, Mac only)
  • Arrow_right Gephi (social network analysis and visualization tool)

Data Visualization Tools

  • Arrow_right ManyEyes by IBM (data upload and charting tool)
  • Arrow_right Datawrapper (data upload and charting tool; animated charts)
  • Arrow_right (data upload and charting tool; animated charts)
  • Arrow_right Processing (programming environment that is good for data visualization)

For University Service

Collaborating with others

  • Arrow_right Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Illuminate! – multi-user communication and video conferencing/meeting software) – access via UIC blackboard site
  • Arrow_right Google Drive (formerly Google Docs – multi-user document creation, sharing, and editing suite)

Project management and workflow facilitation

  • Arrow_right Basecamp (web-based multi-user project management and team communication software)
  • Arrow_right Blimp (web-based multi-user project management and team communication software)

For General Technology Use & Proficiency

Solving Specific Technology Problems & Tutorials

  • Arrow_right (video tutorials for technology issues)
  • Arrow_right Stackoverflow (bulletin board that experts post solutions to tech/programming problems, search existing posts first for the answer!)