Get your head in the cloud!

Materials from the workshop:

Original workshop information:

Demystifying the “cloud” and how cloud-based apps can help your research, teaching, and service

Do you keep hearing about “the cloud” and want to know how it can help your work? In this workshop, we will demonstrate and discuss some of the leading cloud-based apps and software and how making use of the cloud can hep you make work more efficient, collaborative, and connected.

We will be featuring, a service that enables file syncing across multiple devices and sharing with people. Bring a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to get set up with! 

What: A professional development workshop on the cloud, cloud-based apps, and how the cloud can be used to make work more productive
Where: EPSW Commons
When: May 10, 2013, 10:00am

Topics will include:

  • A demonstration of the university’s service, which allows for highly accessible storage and sharing of digital files
  • How cloud technology can be used to collaborate with colleagues, share, publish, and keep yourself organized