Old Data, New Tricks

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Want to get past using only text and tables to talk about data? Looking for new ways to make your data pop or to explore new things that the data might reveal?

The FACT Lab is hosting a workshop on presenting your data in novel ways, as well as new ways for performing data analysis in the digital age. We will discuss strategies for thinking about data visualization, appropriateness for types of visualizations, thinking about audience. We will also demo the top free visualization and analysis software available today.

When: Friday, April 5, 10:00am
Where: EPSW Commons
What: A workshop on new tools for data visualization and communicating findings using web-based apps and analysis tools

Topics will include:

  • Web-based apps for creating stunning data visualizations and infographics
  • Digital tools and software for data analysis and data capture
  • How to communicate data to various audiences
  • Innovative ways to think about digital data

Bring a couple of questions of your own to discuss with the FACT Lab coordinators and other participants! Our goal is to work through real examples of these tools and to identify strategies that can fit your research goals.