Researching in digital spaces

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In this session, we will be working through a few examples of new tools that can be used for research today, including social networks like Facebook and Twitter, various online and crowdsourced recruitment tools for surveys and experiments, and ways to securely store data and digitally protect your subjects’ privacy. As we demonstrate these tools, we will examine the various policies and implications of research in these spaces, both methodologically and socially.

When: Friday, February 1 at 10:00am
Where: EPSW Commons
What: A discussion on the implications of conducting research in digital spaces, particularly those of human subjects protection.

Bring a couple of questions of your own to discuss with the FACT Lab coordinators and other participants! Our goal is to work through real examples of digital tool to tease out the methodological, legal, technical, and IRB implications of conducting digital research.

With the growing trend toward digitally mediated research, there also comes a new set of concerns in relation to the protection of human subjects. New strategies and ideas are needed to ensure that participants and their data are truly protected within complex data systems. We will spend a significant portion of our workshop in discussion of protection of human subjects within digital spaces, so your participation will be eligible for IRB continuing education credit.